About Us

At Pandos Consulting, we have ​dedicated our careers and business towards advancing projects and relations with strategic partners across Asia. 

Our services will cost effectively accelerate your entrance into this incredible and unique market. Every service we offer is driven to grow your business. 


We are experienced in this field, having a deep understanding of the culture and conducting business in the local language makes us unique in this environment.

Pandos is 100% Canadian owned and maintains these core values:

  • Passionate people with the right expertise;

  • Providing the best fit-for-purpose products available globally;

  • Adding value to our clients in every interaction; and

  • Sustainable relationships with our clients and partners.

With partners in China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and Australia, we are strategically positioned around the globe to support your business interests.  

We understand our clients rely on us to give their business the best chance of success in this intuitive and nuanced market. We strive to build a strong, high trust working environment with our clients, aimed at building and deepening a long term relationship.