Sales Support into Asia

Hiring on a full time sales manager, who has experience in the market and speaks the local language can be a costly step for your business. The old adage still stands, you get what you pay for. Seasoned sales and project managers are no exception. 

When you have our consultants working to drive your sales in Asia, you save on the upfront cost, and pay once you receive the results you are looking for. 

Depending on which level of service you are looking for, we work on a sliding scale of commission, so you pay once we have closed the deal. The scale depends on the product or service you are marketing, projected sale/transaction timelines, markets, as well as how much time you need on the ground to advance your projects. 

If you are going to market direct or work with a local distributor, we will find the right fit to grow your business and to become as profitable as possible.