Site/Factory Inspections

A reputable factory is crucial for your business. We will compile a concise short list of reputable suppliers and/or factories for you to consider. Once a decision has been made and you have chosen a supplier, obtained confirmation they have met all your requirements on price, provided suitable quality samples and you are ready to move on with your order, a factory inspection or site visit may be in order to ensure they deliver what they promised. 

This is especially the case when working on any long lead time or uniquely designed products that you have to be sure quality controls have been met on the order prior to it landing at your doorstep. 

In most instances, many factories are located well outside any major city, involving long, meandering and depending on the driver you've hired, potentially hazardous drives into the rural countryside. We will take the time to visit these sites on your behalf to inspect their shipments prior to being packaged and sent on their way to you. 

Depending on your requirements, we can do this just prior to shipping, or take a supplemental trip mid-way through production. Live video conversations will be organized at your convenience for you to "inspect" the goods yourself with a third party on site acting on your best interests. 

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